Philippe Briand


Philippe Briand ‘s team has accumulated 31 international awards so far, and remain driven by their passion of developing new ideas. The team is currently working on a 28m series yacht, as well as three bespoke yachts ranging from 55m to 90m in length. Such a variety of work is keeping the office on their toes, but as always, all projects are being executed with great attention to detail and following heavy investment in the research and development stages.

What I love about Philippe Briand’s yachts is that they were drawn on paper by hand first, to ensure that they look right. Everything is worked out nicely and ergonomically….”

Nick Vass, Marine Surveyor. View full testimonial


We listen to what you want and we concentrate on creating your vision. We focus, we challenge, we design.


A performing sailing yacht needs to be easy to handle and she should be a safe haven for all on board. We are committed to the optimisation of all aspects of the yachts, be it weight, handling or systems. We are focussed on finding solutions and surpassing expectations.


yacht design diagram
philippe briand team
philippe briand team


Philippe was born in the industry, He is present at all stages of the construction and has accumulated the in-depth knowledge of every single detail of many sailing yacht, he has helmed them and “listened to what the boat was telling him.

He oversees every bit of the plans relentlessly.

Nothing in his work as a naval architect is left to chance.

naval architecture image
naval architecture image

Naval Architecture
and Science

We want your yacht to excel in performance, efficiency, safety and comfort. We are naval architects with experience. With the experience of half a dozen America’s Cup ,we have created a design technology and apply this in numerous designs. We are challenged by innovation and we will deliver design solutions on short term deadline. The naval architecture is supported by optimization software .

The team uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to simulate the flow around the ship with great accuracy and detailed visualization. We further complement this package with optimization algorithms and client-specific requests. This information can be used to improve the hull form, to align appendages or as base for propeller design.