Philippe Briand

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CNB 90ft (2 yachts)

Built by CNB Grand Bleu Vintage CNB 90 was launched in April 2003.

On the owner’s request, the deck saloon forms the focal point of the design. The saloon is raised and located above the engine room. Guest areas are located forward, as is a very spacious owner’s cabin. Crew quarters include two cabins and an extra guest cabin. The large cockpit has ergonomic seating, particularly comfortable when the boat heels. Both of the helming consoles are set off-centre to allow the helmsman good visibility ahead and to leave space for the central passageway which runs along to the stern. The tender is accessible from the aft deck, which simplifies the forms and systems on the transom stern. With self tacking winches, sloop rig and a short draft (3.50 m), this is an easy boat to use. In spite of the restrictive installations,  performance levels have been optimised with carbon rigging, appendages forms and by having water tanks on either side which are used as water-ballast. Built in aluminium, the hull design incorporates a U-shaped stern, near vertical topsides and sharp entry. Aesthetic considerations have been paramount throughout. The high roof required by a deck saloon is halved by a low superstructure covering two-thirds of the boat’s length. The side windows are protected by slatted blinds and the windows towards the front offer perfect views from the saloon.


Nominated for the 2004 International Superyacht design award category “Best sail 23 – 36m