Vitruvius Yachts

“To be a yacht architect is to find the magic balance between Science and Art”

Philippe Briand lives and works in London . He has a studio in Chelsea, London and a studio in La Rochelle, France.
The specialised teams work in the fields of Sailing, Fast Sailing Yachts, Super Yachts, Production Yachts and Motor Yachts.
One recognises a Briand-designed yacht by its long, stretched lines and sense of proportion.

His interests include sailing, art and industrial design.

Philippe Briand Career

water revolution conference

Co-founder and board member of Water Revolution Foundation for the protection of the environment by the yachting industry.

philippe briand award
(2000 - 2021)

15 times awarded as Architect/Designer for best design of the year. Only Yacht Designer so far to have been awarded at Boat International award for best sailing yacht of the year and for best Motor Yacht.

Super Sailing Yachts
(1997 - 2021)

Yacht Architect of 10 Super sailing yachts including the revolutionary Maricha ‘s (two Atlantic Records in 1998 and 2003) and as well as Vertigo (67m) and Sybaris (73m).

Motor Yachts
(2008 - 2021)

Architect / Designer of the Vitruvius range.

Production Sailing Yacht
(1978 - 2021)

Architect/designer of 175 models for production, built by the most respected shipyards in the world such as BENETEAU. There are more than 12500 boats on water all over the world.

America's Cup
(1974 - 2000)

Main Architect/designer of 6 America Cup campaigns from 1974 to 2000, for France and Switzerland. Philippe's boats were recognised for the their innovation, such as the convexed bustle, two keels, free luff mainsail, narrow beam waterline and the first crew biking.

philippe briand sailing yacht designer
Sailing Racer

He won two world championship as Helmsman / Skipper.

London studio philippe briand

Designing sailing boats since he was 11, first design built at 16 years old. He accounted having spent 250.000 in his life thinking designs . His designs won 9 world title including Admiral’s cup, Whitbread race and 4 Ton cup.

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