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Efficient Optimised Hull

Philippe Briand has been a pioneer in the creation of efficient yacht hulls. The reduction in fuel consumption has been proven and documented. Philippe Briand’s yachts consume about 30% less than other yachts of the same length and GT.

Together we can preserve the world’s precious oceans and neutralise the footprint of the yachting industry

philippe briand naval architect

With 34 international yacht design awards and over 12,000 boats built to date this makes him the ideal person to design and engineer the perfect yacht. Philippe Briand’s successes have created a loyal client base of extremely discerning owners wanting bespoke designs, as well as encouraging a new generation of owners who are attuned to his prioritisation of sustainable, intelligent design solutions, with efficient and long-range green technologies.

Philippe Briand’s technical excellence and precision, accompanied by a strong artistic flair and talent for driving innovative design trends in the yachting market, have continued to evolve over what is arguably the most prolific and acclaimed career of any yacht designer today.

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Eco Yacht Design

Philippe Briand is also one of the “founding fathers“ of Water Revolution Foundation and is a member of the Board. Water Revolution aims to be the central platform facilitating the shift towards neutralisation of the ecological footprint of the yachting industry.

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